Process labeling

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Process labeling uses the data recorded by the smartbox to determine the current process on your machine and displays it graphically in the dashboard.

Automatic process labeling distinguishes between activity time and downtime.

The smart user-defined process marker also gives you the option of creating your own process markers.

What for

With the new process labeling in the work step monitor on the machine park page, you can now have an even better overview and understanding of your production process. The better everyone in your team can understand the causes of downtime, the better everyone can also continuously improve the processes in your operation.


Highlight the processes

1.go to the work step monitor in the machinery view. on an automatically created process marker

(marked red/blue in the default setting).

3. Select one of the available markers.

Creating the markers

1. Go to the Settings menu in the upper right corner.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Add a process marker by clicking on the + icon.

4. Name your process marker and select a color.

Examples of use:

  • Instantly overview all processing times per piece.

  • See directly when and where downtimes occurred and how long they lasted.

  • Record the cycle time.

  • Find out all changeover, insertion and setup times immediately - including their respective duration.

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